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“Dwight & Nicole are a tour-de-force that demand much wider success. Poignant, hard driving... and heavenly”

 - Steve Morse, Boston Globe

“Give “Wait” a spin and, for at least three minutes and fifty seconds, all will be right with the world”

- Dan Bolles, Seven Days

(review of the single “Wait”)

“Take R&B, soul, blues and jazz, mix in razor-sharp rock guitar… heat to boiling, and watch your face melt. That’s Dwight & Nicole.”

- Relix Magazine

(live show review)

“Notes of R&B and hip-hop with a smoothness that feels like cruising through the city on a summer night. The band layers on funky elements on guitar and organ, culminating in a mix of vocal harmonies and rich instrumentals that

leave you feeling enchanted.”

- Glide Magazine

(review of the single “Time)

"They’re retro, they’re groovy, they’re good songwriters... soulful, lo-fi sound... thoughtful song-smithing."

- American Songwriter

("Further" track premiere/

Daily Discover feature)

"A retro soul band, contemporary blues act, roots rock duo and R&B dynamo all at once... simple, hypnotic... 'The Next Go-Round' works nicely as a calling card for Dwight + Nicole’s sound. It resembles a gospel tune written a century ago and would also fit nicely on Brittany Howard’s 2019 experimental pop album."


- Boston Herald


"Sometimes everyone disappears and we have to find a way to be alone with ourselves.  Dwight + Nicole present this truth in an excellent production that might well be a film short all on its own, with a song that confronts the darkest human truths."

- Americana Highways

("The Next Go-Round" video premiere)

“There are good voices, and then there are GREAT voices; Nicole Nelson is definitely the latter”


- Christina Aguilera

“Dwight + Nicole are powerful! They’re my favorite new band.”


- Mavis Staples

“Dwight + Nicole are absolutely the real deal; they are outstanding singers and songwriters. They are carrying the torch.”

- Melissa Etheridge

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